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Solitary Beauty Peak

Entrance Fee:CNY 75 (including Jingjiang Prince City, Jingjiang Mansion and Solitary Beauty Peak)
Opening time:08:30-18:30

How to Get There

1)Take bus no.1, 22, 99 or 100 and get off at Lequn Crossing Station in Zhongshan Middle Road Station.
2)Take bus no.2, 10, 11, 14 or 18, 21, 25, 28, 30, 203, 206 and get off at Jiefang Bridge Station in Jiefang East Road.


Lying at the south-east foot of the peak, Du Shu Cave (Study Cave), a place for the litterateur of South and Song Dynasty Yan yanyan to do the reading, is the oldest famous relic in Guilin of a well-known figure. Yan wrote, "Amid Guilin rises the Solitary Beauty Peak, so towering that no peak is like it". From then on, the hill has been known as the Solitary Beauty Peak (Duxiu Peak).

396 stone steps leads from the west foot of the hill up to the top of Solitary Beauty Peak, where you can get a panoramic view of the whole city and all the mountains surrounding it. In periods of dawn and sunset, the peak seems to be wearing a purple gown with a golden girdle. So it has another name for it: Purple Golden Peak.


There are three interesting sites at the foot of Solitary Beauty Hill called Study Rock, Peace Rock and Crescent Pond separately. Among them, Study Rock always attracts many students of Guangxi Normal University to come here to further they study Many inscriptions from the Qing Dynasty can be found in the east side of the hill, such as Southern Sky-supporting Pillar and Purple Gown and Golden Belt.



Solitary Beauty Peak is a famous scenic spot located in the Ming Prince Mansion, Guilin city.

It is known as the great southern pillar as well as the No.1 peak in Guilin city.

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