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Guilin Shopping

If  you are having a Guilin package tour,our Guilin travel guide introduce you to do some Guilin shopping,which can add color to yourGuilin China tour.
Although Guilin is a relatively small city, shopping in Guilin never fails to be a fantastic experience along your travel. Specialties like Scroll paintings, Southern Candies, Landscape Paintings, Yangshuo Painted Fan, Paper Umbrellas, Bamboo and Wooden Carvings, Guilin Sanhua Alcohol and Weaved Grass Craftworks are all what you can not miss along your tour to Guilin, which are easily available in such local famous markets as Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Zhongshan Street, Xi Cheng Lu Pedestrian Street and West Street in Yangshuo.

Local Specialties

Guilin three treasuresGuilin's three treasures are Guilin Sanhua Liquor, Guilin Fermented Bean Curd and Guilin Chili Sauce. They are one of the top choices to buy when you visit Guilin. Because the name of Guilin literally means "Forest of Osmanthus", there are many products made of or from the fragrant osmanthus (桂花, pronounced as gway-hwua), such as osmanthus tea and osmanthus sugar.


Luo Han Guo (罗汉果, pronounced as lwo-han-kwo ), is a kind of dried brown fruit with round shape, hard but thin shell, and the size of a small orange. It is has long been used as a natural sweetener in China due to its flavor and lack of food energy. It has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine. Its inside soft substance is often used to make tea, which can relieve sore throat and chronic coughing. All the local specialties can be found in large supermarkets or local specialties stores.

Two Famous Shopping Places

Wa Yao International Tourist Merchandise Wholesale Market

Wa Yao International Tourist merchandise Wholesale Market is the largest wholesale and retail market of fine arts craftwork in Southwest China. It sells almost everything, such as clothing, house wares, antiques, stationeries, souvenirs, crafts and daily necessities.
It is where individual buyers from other shops go for their needs, and many local people also go there shopping for low-priced daily necessities. Because it is a wholesale market, commodities are priced lower than normal retailing prices. If you look for quality brands, this is not the right place to go.
Wa Yao Wholesale Market is a fascinating area to explore. Among its interests are many of the items you can find in the city's shops available at a much cheaper price and a wide range of other goods over a wide area that would take half a day at least to explore. This is the best place to start looking for souvenirs and Guilin's specialties.

Transportation: Public buses 11, 12, 28 and 99. The easiest way to get to the market is to take the 99 bus south from the city's central crossroads. As you pass Guilin's railway station you're about half way there. Gett off at the stop cumbersomely named Lüyou Shangpin Pifacheng (旅游商品批发场), the Chinese name for the market. Any of the side streets — on the same side of the road as you get off the bus — will lead you into the market complex itself.

Niko Niko Do Shopping Mall

Niko Niko Do Shopping Mall is a big, modern business building combining retail, recreation, and catering in one. Tourists here can find various daily merchandise, domestic appliances, clothes, shoes, cultural and sport necessities, clocks, watches, hardware, enamelware, plastic products, staple food, sugar, snacks, silver and gold accessories, and over 60 categories of pearl craftwork. In addition, there are Xinhua Book Shop, Hairdressing Hall, Coffee House, Catering Street, and Game Play Entertainment Paradise.

Places to Buy

Souvenirs and Crafts

Xicheng Road

Xicheng RoadThe night market along Xicheng Road Pedestrian Street  is a good place to take a leisurely stroll and pick up some souvenirs, art crafts and trinkets.
Xicheng Road is Guilin's second-most popular pedestrian street after Zhengyang Road, but its attraction is markedly different. By day, this is a pretty area to walk around with pleasant modern buildings constructed in traditional style and a wide variety of shops. There are many Hui people in the area, the Islamic Chinese whose ancestors were once focused upon the ancient Silk Road but who, today, are scattered throughout China.
With sunset, however, the atmosphere of Xicheng Road changes markedly with hundreds of stalls being laid out along the street selling anything and everything from local crafts and clothing through to reproduction artifacts from ancient China. Though much is generic, you can find plenty of items local to the area in the wide variety of handicrafts along with other souvenirs of Guilin.
At nightfall, you will see lots of red tents lining in two long rows, selling various kinds of handicrafts, local specialties, souvenirs and snacks. If you want to do some souvenir shopping, then this is your little paradise.
Even if you just want to take a look around, it is very relaxing to wander up and down between the stalls accompanied by the cool breeze coming from the nearby lakes. The real fun of the market may come in finding some souvenirs or in the experience of haggling and hustling with the locals.

  • Getting there: Any bus from the crossroads at the city center – 3, 10, 11, 16, 33, 51, 91, 99, 100 and others – going up Zhongshan Road towards the coach station will stop at Xicheng Road (西城路步行街).
  • Opening hours: 7:30 – 11pm daily
  • Nearby sights: Banyan Lake and Cedar Lake, the Sun and Moon Towers
  • Available commodities: Handicrafts (e.g. embroidery balls, brocades, furnishings), local products (e.g. flutes, snacks, pickles, local specialties), porcelain and ceramics products (e.g. tableware, smoking pipe); Chinese seals, paintings, and calligraphy; accessories (e.g. scarves, jade, pearl, trinkets) ... and much more!
  • Beware of pickpockets.
  • Bargaining: Bring a Chinese friend if you can to try to keep the prices down. If not, be prepared to exercise your bargaining skills. Remember to bargain, no matter what quotation the stall owner offers.

Painted Fans

The small town of Fuli close to Yangshuo is a very small town famous for hand-painted paper fans. This ancient town faces the Li River and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. A vast majority of locals in the town are involved in this ancient craft. Paper fans are also widely available in Yangshuo and Guilin, and the best place to buy is either in the town, or at small boutiques.

Landscape Paintings

Guangxi Normal University Art Shop

This art shop is an extravaganza of masterpieces collected over a long period of time; some of the paintings are centuries old. It contains three exhibition halls with paintings from masters from different periods and from different painting schools. There are also lots of fine paintings done by the university students.
Location: inside of Guangxi Normal University, the location of the Solitary Beauty Peak

Clothes & Shoes

Guilin Department Store, Dream Island Department Store and Sino-Japanese joint venture Niko Niko Do are the up-market department stores of the city. They all locate along Zhongshan Road from south to north. They offer clothes, shoes and bags with good quality. The three department stores all have food supermarkets on their underground floors. At Niko Niko Do, there is a small section selling imported foods, candies, chocolates, cheese and so on. Zhengyang Pedestrian Street next to city central square has some small boutiques selling ethnic crafts and clothes, and there are some restaurants with local Guilin food.

Bagui Building standing opposite city central square is very popular among local girls. It offers clothes and bags that are considered fashion by the local girls and are at reasonable prices. There is also an underground market called "Little Hong Kong" under the city central square. The underground market is a maze of alleys with lots of stalls selling not very good-quality clothes, bags, shoes and trinkets at low prices. Always remember to bargain unless when you are shopping at department stores.


Books & Videos

Guilin Book CityGuilin Book City, about 2 minutes walk north of city central square along Zhongshan Road, is the largest book store in Guilin. Videos are on the underground floor, and books are from the second floor and above. Stationeries and maps are available on the second floor on the left of the elevator. The books are mostly Chinese, but there are also some English, French, German, Vietnamese, and Korean books. Imported English books are available, and you can also find some books which help learn Chinese.

You need buy something that indicate you ever travel tours to Guilin after you appreciate the beautiful landscape in Guilin, which can arouse your memory when you take them out, like photos. Besides, you can know the local customs as you go shopping and bargain with local people. It is a good way to know its culture as well.
After all these words,you must be attracted by Guilin,so don't hesitate,have a Guilin China tour.

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