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HangZhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou is one of China's big tourist attractions. It has many historical relics and scenic spots, including West Lake, and the scenic area near the Fuchun River and the Xinan River. The special local-made products are silk, Xihu silk umbrellas, color-glazed porcelain, Longjing tea, and white chrysanthemum. So if  you're having a China tour, you might as well make a Hangzhou tour. And our Hangzhou travel guide can give you a general knowledge of  what Hangzhou is like.

Hangzhou is one of China's major textile industry centers, and the largest producer of gunnysacks in China. Furthermore it is noted for its silk, paper, wireless communication equipment, food processing, and handcraft, steel, chemical products, machinery, rubber, construction materials, and electronic equipment are also produced here. Now the Hangzhou High-Technical Development Zone and the Qiantang River Investment Zone are being established. The chief farm products include rice, wheat, cotton, silkworm cocoons, tea, and freshwater fish. 

With good rail water, air, and road transportation facilities, Hangzhou is a junction of inter-country links. 

The Hangzhou Airport has more than 100 flights to Hongkong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Xian and Guilin. The highway adds railway networks of Hangzhou radiate in all directions. The railway department has offered six pairs of special tourist trains, and two pairs of tourist trains stop in Hangzhou. Expressways hare been constructed from Hangzhou to Shanghai and from Hangzhou to Ningbo. In addition, canal passenger transport docks have been built and pleasure-beats have been operated to Suzhou and Wuxi.So having a Hangzhou tour is very convenient.

Hangzhou is a “holy and beautiful paradise on earth” which has been circulated for l, 000 years on the Chinese land. It has inherited the historical heritage of mare than 5,000 years. The city has a history of 2.200 years since it was first established as Qiantang County during the Qin Dynasty. During the Five Dynasties period it was the capital of Wu and Yue and later became the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. Altogether 13 emperors of two dynasties took the throne for 234 years in Hangzhou. Later, Hangzhou has always been the administrative, cultural and economic city (capital city) of Zhejiang Province and is one of the seven ancient capitals in China.Located on the south bank of the Haogzhou Bay of the East China Sea. Hangzhou is 180 km from Shanghai and is an important central city of the Yangtze River delta. Hangzhou has enjoyed the reputation of being the "first prefecture in southeast'. During the Yuan Dynasty Italian traveller Marco Polo lauded.

Area Code: 0571

Zip Code: 310000

Area: Hangzhou has an area of 16,596 sq km.

Geography: Hangzhou is located on the lower reaches of the Qiantang River in southeast China, a superior position in the Yangtze Delta and only 180 kilometers from Shanghai.

Population: According to the 5‰ population sampling survey in 2008, the population of long-term residents reached 7.966 million, up by 1.32 percent over the previous; of which 5.5236 million in urban district, accounting for 69.34 percent of long-term residents. The population continues to extend life expectancy. In year 2008, the average life expectancy was 79.74 years old of residents in Hangzhou (77.44 years of men and 82.25 years of women), which was equivalent to the level of developed countries.

Administrative Division: Hangzhou Region or prefecture-level city contains the Hangzhou metropolitan area (eight districts), 3 metropolitan counties, and 2 ordinary counties. The central six urban districts occupy 682 km² (263.4 mi²) and have 1,910,000 people. The two suburban districts occupy 2,642 km² (1020 mi²) and have 1,950,000 people.

Climate:In terms of beauty, Hangzhou is picturesque all year round. In spring and summer, the trees turn green and the air is sweet. In winter, the snow falls on the lake creating a picture- postcard atmosphere about the city and in autumn, the temperature is pleasant and balmy and the sky a delightful color of amber.

In terms of comfort however, the heat can be unbearably intense during the summer. Fortunately, the many trees around the lake and in the hills do provide cover from the worst of the sun. The average temperature in the summer months is about 29 degrees centigrade.

Hangzhou's winters are never absolutely freezing and even in January, which is the coldest month, the average temperature is about 3 degrees centigrade.

However, many places are not equipped with heating systems, making the winters much harder to bear as compared to the northern cities like Beijing. Spring and autumn are the most pleasant months and last for about two or three months each.

There are often rainy showers during this period but the Lake takes on an almost mystical appearance in the fog and the respite from the heat the showers bring is often welcome.

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