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Solitary Hill

Admission Fee:Free

How to Get There

1)By Bus 1,2,3


If you are having a Hangzhou package tour,our Hangzhou travel guide will introduce you to see the Solitary Hill,which is one of the Hangzhou tourist attractions,thus giving you a complete sightseeing in Hangzhou.
Solitary Island is located at the northwest corner of West Lake in Zhejiang Province. It is a natural island, about 900m from the bank. It is surrounded by water and is a good place to appreciate West Lake. It is gentle at the north side of the Hill; there is a huge square-shaped stone at the west side; there is a stone hole at the east side; a cliff is at the south side. The Hill is a quiet place in the past. In the water under the cliff, there are large groups of fish. Above the cliff, there is a wooden platform, standing on which, one can see the special scenery of "Fish Kingdom". The platform is called "Platform for Watching Fish"

Solitary Hill has an area of 200m and a height of 38m. Although the Hill is the lowest among all the hills in the West Lake, it is the biggest island in the West Lake. Solitary Hill is not only a place of beautiful scenery, but also a place of cultural relics.

To the east of the Hill is Bai Bank; to the west of the Hill is Yue Temple.

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