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Hangzhou Shopping

If you are having a Hangzhou package tour,Hangzhou shopping is a must,and our Hangzhou travel guide provide some information about shopping in Hangzhou,thus making your Hangzzhou China tour perfect.

Local Products and Gifts

Hangzhou Silk

Hangzhou silk has a long history as more than 4,000 years, featuring gentle texture, gorgeous colors and wide varieties. The silk produced in Hangzhou has 14 varieties, including satin, spin, crepe, damask silk and silk fabric. The silk products include landscape painting, cushions for leaning on, curtain and clothing.

Recommended Places to Buy Silk Products

  • Hangzhou Chinese Silk City 杭州中国丝绸城
    Address: No.217, Xinhua Road (新华路217号)
    Tel: 0571-8510 0192 / 8517 2821
  • Hangzhou Siruibao Silk Shopping Center 杭州丝瑞宝丝绸购物中心
    Address: No.2, Baochu Road (宝俶路2号)
    Tel: 0571-8521 6223

Xihu Silk Umbrella

Xihu silk umbrella features bright color and exquisite appearance, with the "bone" is made of bamboo. It not only can be used as common umbrella for sunshade, but also can be used as ornament to decorate your house.

  • Recommended Place to Buy Xihu Silk Umbrella: Hefang Street in Shangcheng District (上城区河坊街)

Hangzhou Longjing Tea

Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea) is famous for its unique green color, fragrant aroma, sweet taste and flat appearance, and it is usually regarded as a health elixir, which is quite popular throughout China.

Places to Buying Longjing Tea

  • Hangzhou West Lake Longjing Tea Company Ltd
    Address: No.602, Qifeng Road, Hangzhou (杭州凤起路602号)
  • Hangzhou Shifeng Tea Company Ltd
    Address: No.228, Yanan Road, Hangzhou (杭州延安路228号)

Wangxingji Paper Fan 王星记扇子

Hangzhou Wangxingji Paper Fan

The paper fans produced in Hangzhou are famous in China since ancient times. The most famous three local products in Hangzhou are paper fan, silk and Longjing tea. Wangxingji fan is the best known brand of fan in Hangzhou. The history of the factory can go back to 1875, and in that time, it was regarded as the tribute for imperial household.

  • Recommended Place to Buy Wangxingji Fan
  • Address: No.203-205, Hefang Street, Shangcheng District (上城区河坊街203-205号)
  • Tel: 0571-8783 0144

Lan Yin Hua Bu (Blue Cloth with Design in White) 蓝印花布

This kind of cloth is an ancient folk printed fabric made by hand. The simple but elegant design on the fabric is mostly about auspicious items, reflecting the unique folk culture in China. The original dyestuff is fetched from a kind of plant: indigo plant.

  • Recommended Place to Buy the Cloth:Wuyue Family in Hefang Street (河坊街吴越人家)

Pedestrian Streets

Hefang Street 河坊街

Hangzhou Hefang Street

As one of the most famous historic streets in Hangzhou, Hefang Street reflects the social features of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Taking a stroll along this street, you will be attracted by the antique buildings and local crafts, such as silk parasols, brocades, renowned Zhang Xiaoquan scissors and Hangzhou fans.

Yan'an Road 延安路

This road is considered as the most prosperous one in Hangzhou. It runs from the north to south for about 3,000 meters, and has become Hangzhou's commercial centre. Along the road are included the grand buildings of the Zhejiang People's Provincial Great Hall, Hangzhou Culture Center, Victory Theatre, International Mansion, Hangzhou Department Store, Hangzhou Grand Hotel, and Haifeng Western Restaurant.

Recommended Shopping Sites

For Clothing

MIXC 万象城购物中心

  • Address: No.701, Fuchun Road, Jianggan District (江干区富春路701号万象城)
  • Tel: 0571-8688 2233
  • Average Price Per Person: 778 yuan

Hangzhou Mansion Shopping Mall 杭州大厦购物城

  • Address: No.1, Wulin Square, Xiacheng District (下城区武林广场1号)
  • Tel: 0571-8515 3911
  • Average Price Per Person: 2,100 yuan

Intime Department Store 银泰百货

  • Address: No.98, South Yan'an Road, Shangcheng District (上城区延安南路98号)
  • Tel: 0571-8700 2888
  • Average Price Per Person: 501 yuan

Outlets 奥特莱斯

  • Address: North Wenhui Road, Jianggan District (江干区文汇北路)

For the Household and Furniture

HOLA 特力屋

Hangzhou Hola
  • Address: No.600, Shangtang Road, Gongye District (拱墅区上塘路600号南区百安居2楼)
  • Tel: 0571-8891 5500 / 8801 5550

Re: Shop 再生活

  • Address: No.40-11, Shihu Bridge Road, Xiacheng District (下城区狮虎桥路40-11号)
  • Tel: 0571-8506 7906

B&Q 百安居

  • Address: NO.600, Shangtang Road, Gongye District (拱墅区上塘路600号)
  • Tel: 0571-8801 5558

For Electronics, Computers and Home Appliances

World of Cell Phones 话机世界手机卖场

  • Address: No.217, South Hushu Road, Gongye District (拱墅区湖墅南路271号)
  • Tel: 0571-2888 5103

Bainaohui Computer City 百脑汇电脑城

  • Address: No.235, Wensan Road, Xihu District (西湖区文三路235号)
  • Tel: 0571-5677 1067

Suning Appliance 苏宁电器

  • Address: No.168, Qingchun Road, Xiacheng District (下城区庆春路118号嘉德广场1楼)
  • Tel: 0571-8723 3777

GOME Appliance 国美电器

  • Address: NO.128, North Qiutao Road, Jianggan District (江干区秋涛北路128号)
  • Tel: 0571-8643 8656


Metro Supermarket

  • Address: No.355, East Genshan Road

Carrefour Supermarket

  • Address: No.135, Yanan Road

Jia You Supermarket

  • Address:
    No.86, Qingchun Road
    No.333, Fuchun Road
    No.58, East Qingchun Road

Wanjiafu Supermarket

  • Address:
    No.38, Qingchun Road
    No.64, Wangjiang Road
    No.38, Xintang Road
    No.2, Shuangling Road

Zhejiang Zhuji Pearl Market

Zhejiang Zhuji Pearl Market (in simplified Chinese 浙江诸暨珍珠市场) is located on North Sha Road in Zhuji City, near Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province. The market was founded in June 1985 and after several expansions, it has developed into China's largest freshwater market, selling various pearl products, including raw pearls, pearl jewelries, pearl handicrafts and pearl cosmetics.
Transportation: Zhuji City is only about 1 hour train ride from Hangzhou City. Also there are buses to Zhuji at Hangzhou South Bus Station, and buses depart about every half an hour.

Hangzhou Wangxingji Fans Co., Ltd.

The production of elegant fans in Hangzhou has a long history and has been enjoying a widespread renown since the ancient times. Wangxingji Fan Mill, of which Wangxingji Fan Industrial Co., Ltd. grew out, was set up by Wang Xingzhai in the year of 1875. With the exquisite workmanship, unique functions and elegant taste, Wangxingji fan was famous as one of the three matchless products in Hangzhou besides Zhejiang's silk and the Longjing Tea at that time.

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