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Appreciate Lotus Flowers in Summer Days

If you are planning a Hangzhou package tour,you should know the things to do in Hangzhou,our Hangzhou travel guide introduce to appreciate Lotus Flowers in Summer Days,which is one of the Hangzhou tourist attractions.
Venue: West Lake
Summary: The scene of lotus flowers covering the West Lake in summer is a splendid and charming for locals as well as travelers. In Hangzhou, the hottest season will be the best time to appreciate lotus flowers.

A sentence in Chinese poem just describes a fantastic picture – the tender sunlight reflected by the West Lake makes lotus flowers extremely bright-colored.
During the sunny day, you can pick a lotus leaf to get rid of the sunburn. While during the drizzle day, you can listen to the rhythm that raindrop beat leaves gently. And you will find a clean and charming picture after this rainy day, leaves are greener and flowers are brighter with a lucid West Lake.
Recommended Places to Appreciate Lotus Flowers
Breezing Winding Courtyard
Direction: Juction of Beishan Road and Shuguang Road
Breezing Winding Courtyard is a park with a theme of lotus flowers and Chinese spirit culture. In this park, people can appreciate various rare lotuses.
Area of the Broken Bridge and Beishan Road
This is an area decorated with lotus flowers during the summer days. And the cultural style in Beishan Road gains a special connotation in this place. It is a best place for painters to draw an excellent work of lotus flowers on the broken bridge in Hangzhou.

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