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Jihua Ski Resort

Location:is located in Binxi National Forest Park, about 38 kilometers from Harbin downtown
Opening time:8:00-17:00 daily
Best time for visit: from January to March every year.
Recommended time for a visit:3 hours
Open:8:00-17:00 daily

How to Get There

1)Bus from Xierxi Hotel in Daoli District at 8:00 am every day. A tourism bus in the front of the gate of Swan Hotel in Nan'gang District to get there at 8:15 every day.

Features in Jihua Ski Resort

Features in Jihua Ski Resort The Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski Resort is located in Binxi National Forest Park, about 38 kilometers from Harbin downtown and is one of the best-known ski resorts in China. Built in a natural basin and surrounded by mountains, the towering peaks snake around and enclose the resort forming a natural wind-sheltered haven. The resort has 15 different ski slopes, which in total cover a distance of 30 kilometers, cater for beginner, medium and advanced-level skiers. The resort is the training base for Harbin Sking Team. It is a good place for cross-country skiing.



Ski Resort offers following service and equipment for people planning to have a ski tour in Harbin.
Ski equipments renting
Dining and Accommodating: The service center's dining facilities can serve 1,000 guests at one time, with large dining halls and private dining rooms. The 4-star hotel can accommodate about 300 people with its 66 guest rooms
Meeting hall and center
Skiing school
Skiing course leaning service

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