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Jile Temple

Location:Ji Le Temple is located at No.5, Dong-Dazhi Street, Nangang District.
Opening time:8:00-17:00 daily
Best time for visit: all year long
Recommended time for a visit:1hours

How to Get There

1)Take buses No.14,104,105.


Ji Le Temple was built between 1920 and 1924 by Master Tanxu, a famous disciple of the Tiantai Buddhist clan. The complex of the temple consists of the Heavenly King's Hall, the Grand Hall, the Three Bodhisattva Hall, and the Buddhist Book Storage Hall. The main halls are fronted by a Drum Tower and a Bell Tower and other subordinate structures. The most imposing building of the temple is probably the 7-level Futu Pagoda on the eastern tip of the grounds, a 37m tall stone structure building dotted with caves engraved with Buddhist embossed sculptures. At the bottom of the pagoda is a large hall with Buddhist statues. In all, the grounds cover 27570 square meters and the buildings 5186 square meters.
Nowadays, every 8th, 18th and 28th of April, grand Buddhist festivals are held in the Ji Le Temple. Massive rites and celebrations are organized, while the temple area is surrounded with bazaars and various folk activities.

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