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Sun Island Scenic Area

Location:is situated on the Northern bank of Songhua River
Opening time:8:00-17:00
Best time for visit: all year long
Recommended time for a visit:1 hours

How to Get There

1)Take bus No.2,3,8,9,12,101,102,103.


In summer, the island serves as a natural river beach swimming resort and sanatorium area. The island boasts several fine beaches on either bank, such as a profusion of lakes for boating, swimming pools, sunbathing facilities, a fairground, a water world and an arms museum. The middle and northern part of the island is composed of mainly forested areas and a large garden. Various differently styled recreational buildings were built around the "Sun Lake" and the "Lotus Pond". With hidden paths winding throughout, the park is a nice area to stroll and get away from the crowds, being lushly vegetated with trees and flowers. Barbecues and picnics can also be arranged in one of the meadows here. During winter, the Sun Island is used as the playground for various winter sports; Skiing, Hockey, Ice-skating, and Sledding games. What is more important, the renowned annual Snow Carving Festival is held here.

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