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Have a Sun-bathing on the beach of Hong Kong

Venue: beaches in Hong Kong
Summary: The seaside in Hong Kong is an ideal place for all the people to have a sun-bathing. Besides sun-bathing, people would like to have a family party here and enjoy a leisure day with each other.
Beaches in Hong Kong are everywhere and most people would like to have a small party during the weekend. Having a sun-bathing in this sunny beach is fantastic during your summer days. Besides sum-bathing, you could enjoy a barbecue party and play a beach volleyball match.
The most famous beach in Hong Kong - Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay is the most famous beaches among Hong Kong. The name came from the fact that the British army had chased off some pirates in the old days. The Chinese name is more descriptive - it means "Shallow Water Bay". In summer, this place is pretty much standing room only. But if you are from cold places where 20 degrees Celcius is just right for sun-bathing, November is the great time of year to go to avoid the crowds! Sometimes, even December is quite balmy.
Swimming is a popular activity in Repulse Bay. You need not worry about sharks and other aquatic animals for the bay is fitted with shark prevention nets and floating platforms. Lifeguards are appointed during the summers.

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