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Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

 If you are planning a Jiuzhaigou tour,you should first log on our website to check the Jiuzhaigou travel guide,which will give you a general idea of Jiuzhaigou ,thus making your Jiuzhaigou tour easier and add flavor to your China tour.
Jiuzhaigou County, original as Nanping County, is located in the western Sichuan. It is one the boundary between Sichuan Province and Gansu Province. Covering an area of 5,290 sq km, Jiuzhaigou County is administratively divided into 17 towns. And the world famous scenic sport Jiuzhai Valley lies in the southwest direction of Jiuzhaigou County, about 41km away from the county. The various geographical characters and various scenic types make Jiuzhai Valley as the unique site in the karst geography in the world.

Jiuzhaigou County is a part of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. Due to the Jiuzhai Valley scenic area which was open since 1984, visitors have flocked to the region year by year, and the prosperous tourist industry now accounts for a large proportion of local revenue.

About Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture
The Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan is home to an abundance of natural beauty and cultural significance. 3 of China’s UNESCO World Heritage Natural Sites can be found in the Aba Prefecture.

The population of the Aba Prefecture is mainly formed by Tibetans, Han Chinese, Qiang ethnic, and Hui ethnic.

How to Get Jiuzhaigou Valley
If you choose to travel independently of a travel agent, there are many ways to get there.
By Bus: Buses to Jiuzhai Valley leave in the mornings from both Cha Dian Zi and Xin Nan Men bus stations in Chengdu.
By Train: The closest accessible train station to Jiuzhai Valley is in Jiangyou, a 6 hour bus ride from Jiuzhai Valley. From Jiangyou it is possible to connect to national train routes.
By Air: During the peak season 23 flights a day leave from Chengdu to Jiu Huang Airport which is a 80min drive from the park entrance. During the off-peak season 15 flightsleave per day. It is also possible to fly from Beijing, Xian and Chongqing during the peak season. Flight schedules oftern change so it is advisable to contact a travel provider or check about the exactly information on related website.

Weather in Jiuzhaigou Valley
The area has a subtropical to temperate monsoon climate. Valleys are warm and dry, the middle mountain slopes cold and damp. At Nuorilang waterfall and visitor center at 2,400m the mean temperature is 7.3C, the mean January temperature is -3.7C and the mean July temperature is 16.8C. Although the mean temperatures are not too high, on a warm summer’s day, ar such altitude it feels a lot hotter. Mid-summer days can oftern reach the low 30’s but at this altitude humidity is low. Similarly winter days can oftern drop below 0C and can feel considerably colder than the 3.7C mean provided. Having said that, during the many blue sky winter days, when it can rach as high as 15C in the sunshine, it feels a lot warmer, while in the shade you will stll feel cold and warm clothes are needed.

Here is a form of the average temperature and precipitation in each month for your reference:
 Month  Jan.  Feb.  Mar.  Apr.  May  Jun.  Jul.  Aug. Sep.   Oct.  Nov.  Dec.
Temperature('C)  -1  2.5  4  8.7  11  14 17   16  12  8.3  2.4  2.3
 Precipitation(mm)  15  24  36  43  87  96  104  82  76  53.2  26  18

Tips on weather:
Pay attention to the sun burn: Jiuzhai Valley enjoys more that its fair share of blue sky days which is results in spectacular scenery. But especially at this altitude, you should take preventative measures against sun burn. You should apply a high SPF sun cream and re-apply regularly. On a clear summer day, you could be in the sun on and off through the shade from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.. Even in the winter months when the mean temperature is close to 3C, it can be quite warm in the sun shine and there is a risk of burning. Wearing a hat and good sun glasses are further methods of protecting you against sun bum.
After all these introduction,you must feel Jiuzhaigou is a place worthy of being visited, so make a Jiuzhaigou tour, it won't fail you.

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