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Shuzheng Valley

Location:in Jiuzhaigou scenic area.
Opening time:8:00-17;00
Best time for visit: all year long
Recommended time for a visit:3 hours
Open:8:00-17;00 daily
Tickets:included from jiuzhaigou valley

How to Get There

1)Take bus from Xinnanmen bus station,it cost 138RMB.


The Tour Route of Shuzheng Valley is reputed as the epitome of Jiuzhaigou, with mystic and unpredictable independent lakes and lake clusters, as well as colorful beaches, century-old grinderies, wood bridges, and powerful waterfalls. Visitors are likely to reach a consensus that Jiuzhaigou is the best of Nature creation.
From Shuzheng Valley to the Tourist Center, various attractions are presented to you, beginning with Feicui River (Emerald River) by the Heye (Lotus Leaf) Village, which is 7 kilometers from the Entrance. And then, Bonsai Beach (Penjingtan), Double Dragon Lake (Shuanglonghai), Spark Lake (Huohuahai), Shunzheng Lake Clusters and Waterfall, and Nuorilang Waterfalls

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