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Zechawa Valley

Location:in Jiuzhaigou scenic area.
Opening time:8:00-17;00
Best time for visit: all year long
Recommended time for a visit:1 hours
Open:8:00-17;00 daily
Tickets:included from jiuzhaigou valley

How to Get There

Take bus from Xinnanmen bus station,it cost 138RMB.


Located on the left side of Jiuzhaigou, Zechawa Valley is about 18 km long, with the highest altitude in Jiuzhaigou. The scenery there is also attractive and as good as other attractions in Jiuzhaigou. The Three Seasonal Lakes, Five-Colored Lake, and Long Lake are the main attractions in Zechawa Valley.

Seasonal Lakes

Upper Seasonal Lake, Middle Seasonal Lake, and Lower Seasonal Lake are closely connected to each other. Upper Seasonal Lake is situated next to Five-Colored Lake surrounded by cliffs. The waters in the lakes are blue due to the ample leaves in autumn and green in spring and winter. In the summer, the lakes dry up, and you can see some grasses growing on the riverbed with lots of small rocks.

Long Lake

Long Lake is at the end of Zechawa Valley, facing a giant snow mountain and circled by cedars. Appreciating it from afar, Long Lake looks like a large piece of exceptional jade placed in the mountains. This large lake is a perfect place for skating in Jiuzhaigou when the water is frozen in winter.

Five-Colored Lake

Although it is the smallest lake in Jiuzhaigou, it can amaze you with the spectacular and fancy colors of the water. When the sun comes out, the lake is more fabulous and bright, rippling and shining.

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