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Kunming Daguan Park

Location:284,Daguan Road,in the southwestern suburb of Kunming City;
Opening time:08:30 -18:00, daily;
Best time for visit: all year long
Recommended time for a visit:3 hours
Open: 08:30 -18:00, daily; Tickets:RMB20.

How to Get There

1) Take the bus NO.4,95,104,124,131,143,183 and get off atDaguan Park.


Daguan Park , located in the southwestern suburb of Kunming City, is a lakeside park. Today many locals come to sit, drink tea, fly kites, and go boating. There is an ancient pagoda situated in the park, which overlooks the lake to the western hills.
More attractively, thousands of seagulls flock to the park in winter. They skim the lake water, circle overhead or flutter down with wings. The park is so beuatiful that it has attracted many people from all over the world inclduing Queen Elizabeth II and her husband The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. They visited this park in Oct. 17th 1986 and planted three British roses in the park.


In 1696 in the 35th year of Emperor Kangxi, Wang Jiwen, governor of Yunnan, carried out a largescale construction of a two-storyed pavilion. Ponds were dug, embankments were constructed, and trees and flowers were planted. With a good view of the waters and hills in the distance, and the sailing boats and trees in mist, the pavilion was titled Daguan ("Grand View") pavilion. In the later years, the Daguan pavilion had twice been reduced to ruins by warfare and flood. In the 9th year of Emperor Guangxu (1883), Chen Yuying, governor of Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces, ordered Monk Xingtian to take charge of the renovation of the pavilion, and the pavilion has remained intact ever since.
Since the Daguan pavilion was built, men of letters coming from far and near in the country have often gathered here, composing and reciting poems. During the past two to three hundred years, many excellent works and poems have been created. Among them, the Long Couplet written by Sun Rangweng has for many years enjoyed the highest reputation around the world. Daguan Park has become famous due to Sun Rangweng's Long Couplet.

Daguan Pavilion

Of all of the sights inside the Kunming Daguan Park, the Daguan Pavilion is generally accepted as the highlight. The pavilion was first constructed in late 1680s; it suffered from destroy in wars and then was rebuilt time after time, just as many historic relics experienced in history. This pavilion itself is a beautiful traditional Chinese building and what it attracts people most is the couplet carved on the pillars written by Sun Ran Weng, a famous scholar in Qing Dynasty. Known for "the longest couplet under heaven", each of the couplet contains more than 90 Chinese charaters – that's much more than ordinary ones.

Ornamental Plants in Kunming Daguan Park

Daguan Park itself is a botanical garden rich in ornamental plants. Of its plant varieties of more than 600, more than 200 are indigenous plants. Compared with other parks, its over 800 potted landscapes and 300 breeds of chrysanthemums take the lead in Kunming. Moreover, the about 70,000-square-meter pond with over 10 breeds of water lilies makes it the biggest water lily watching base in Kunming.

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