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Potala Palace

International Recognition

If you are having a Lhasa package tour,our Lhasa travel guide will introduce you to see the Potala Palace,which is one of the Lhasa tourist attractions,thus giving you a complete sightseeing in Lhasa.
High on Mount Moburi, in the west of Lhasa, stands the world famous Potala Palace. This amazing palace has the honor of being the highest ancient palace in the world, with its highest point reaching to more than 3,700 meters (12,000 feet) above sea level. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Potala Palace was build during the Tang Dynasty of the 7th century BCE during the reign of King Songtsan Gampo of Tibet and is still considered a sacred site for many Tibetans.

Adminssion Fee:CNY 200 (May 1-Oct.31); CNY 100 (Nov. 1-Apr. 30)
Free for children under 1.3m and the old aged above 70.
Tips: Only 4000 tickets are issued each day and about 100 tickets are issued every 20 minutes.
Ticket Purchase Procedure: On the 1st day, individual visitors should get the free certificate for ticket purchasing with their original ID cards. One can have as many as 4 certificates including himself for his companion, yet with the ID cards of theirs. Their birthdays are registered on the certificates. On the 2nd day, at the set visit time on the certificate, visitors go to the main gate to have their certificates and ID cards checked, thereafter purchase the tickets at the ticket office in front of the gate of the White Palace to start their tour after another security check.
Opening time:07:30 - 18:40 (May 1-Oct.31);
09:00 - 16:00 (Nov.1-Apr.30)

How to Get There

From Beijing East Road,
1. By foot
2. By taxi. (Fare: CNY10 or so)
3. By tricycle (Fare: CNY5 or so)


If you are having a Lhasa package tour,our Lhasa travel guide will introduce you to see the Potala Palace,which is one of the Lhasa tourist attractions,thus giving you a complete sightseeing in Lhasa
Originally built by King Songtsen Gampo in the seventh century, Potala Palace is located on the Red Hill of Lhasa. The awe-inspiring Potala Palace, perched high above much of Lhasa, is the landmark of the city.

Destroyed by lightning and war, Patala Palace had been rebuilt by the Fifth Dalai Lama in 1645 and since then, it has become the seat of Dalai Lamas and also the political center of Tibet. The 13th Dalai Lama extended Potala Palace to the present size-117 meters in height and 360 meters in width, covering an area of more than 130,000 square meters. Mainly comprised by the White Palace, the administrative building, and the Red Palace, religious building, Potala Palace is famous for its grand buildings, complicated constructions, devotional atmosphere and splendid artworks.

The stone-and-wood-structured Potala Palace consists of the White Palace and Red Palace. The White Palace, comprising halls, temples and courtyards, serves as the living quarters of the Dalai Lama. The Red Palace includes various chambers for worshipping Buddha and chambers housing the eight stupa that contain the remains of fifth through thirteenth Dalai Lama. All the stupas are covered with gold foil. The most magnificent stupa belongs to the fifth Dalai Lama. It is 14.85 meters tall and inlaid with pearl and jade. The palace also collected a large number of sculptures, murals, scripture and other valuable cultural relics.

There are also many other constructions in Potala Palace which include: the school of Buddhist Logic, the Seminary, the printing house, gardens, courtyards and even the Jail. For more than 300 years, Potala Palace has treasured many culture relics such as murals, stupas, statues, tangkas, and rare sutras. Potala Palace is indeed a must see in Lhasa.

Latest Tips on Potala Palace

1. In order to protect the ancient architecture, the Potala Palace management office has limited the number of visitors to 2,300 per day. In addition, visitors can only visit at the specific time printed on the admission ticket, and visits earlier or later than that time is denied. During the peak season (May to October), tickets are very hard to obtain.
2. Visitors are allowed about one hour to visit the Potala Palace.
3. There are many steps at Potala Palace, walking slowly is advisable to avoid possible altitude discomfort.
4. Visitors should respect the rules while visiting. Do not wear hats, wear revealing clothes or step on thresholds.
5. It is forbidden to take photos inside the Potala Palace.
6. Security control is available at the entrance. Explosives, flammables, knives, cigar lighters and water are not allowed to bring into the Potala Palace.

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