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Sera Mountain-Climbing Spot

If you are planning a Lhasa package tour,you should know the things to do in Lhasa,our Lhasa travel guide introduce Sera Mountain-Climbing Spot to you,which is one of the Lhasa tourist attractions.
Venue: at the mountain side of Serawoze Mountain in Duodi Village, Lhasa City.
Summery: Sera Mountain-Climbing Spot has both bouldering area and cliff. There are various climbing-routes, with about 100 bouldering area climbing routes and over 20 rock-climbing routes.   
Sera Mountain-Climbing Spot is located at the mountainside of Serawoze Mountain, behind the Sera Monastery, in Duodi Village, Lhasa City. It is a nature climbing spot with both bouldering and cliff areas.
The spot used to be the climbing area for the coaches of the French Rock Climbing Mountaineering Association to train students of Tibet Mountaineering School.
On the mountainside, there are hundreds of granite boulders. There are about 100 bouldering climbing routes. As the ground under the boulders is not flat, it is not easy to protect the climbers. Climbing routes’ level of difficult are between 5.8-5.11, some may reach 5.12. Each climber could find the appropriate route for him/her. Because it is granite cliff, the hand points and foot points are small, and with the high altitude, the level of difficult goes high than other places. There are also several long and high climbing routes, more than 100 m., which are quite enjoyable for climbing fans.

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