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Tibetan Impression-Happiness on the Way

Venue: Tibet Drama Theatre, 188 Beijing West Road, Lhasa
If you are planning a Lhasa package tour,you should know the things to do in Lhasa,our Lhasa travel guide introduce Tibetan Impression-Happiness on the Way to you,which is one of the Lhasa tourist attractions.
Opening Hours: 20:15–21:55
Duration: 100 minutes

Tibetan Impression – Happiness on the Way is China’s first and also world’s first Tangka style song and dance epic. The show aims to take the advantage of the unique charm of Tibetan traditional culture with song and dance to explain “happiness and harmony”.
Happiness on the Way is a large-scale Tangka style song and dance epic. It used to performance on Beijing Olympic and Shanghai World Expo. The show was selected to list in the first batch of 35 “National Cultural Tourism Key Projects”.
Happiness on the Way uses Tibetan opera narration permeating the whole show, and tells the stories of pray for happiness, searching for happiness, cultivating happiness, enjoy happiness, debating for happiness and creating happiness. “Happiness” is the essence of the whole performance. It shows the local culture and arts of Tibet and the developing of typical Tibetan industries.
Colorful stage, wonderful lights, bright-colored costume, profound ethnic characters and charming plateau culture in the performance will give you a new-brand Tibetan feeling.

How to get there:
You can take local bus No. 111 and 302 to get to the Tibetan Drama Center

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