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Luoyang Attractions

 If you want to make your Luoyang tour wonderful, you need to know the main Luoyang attractions, which will help you have a complete Luoyang sightseeing.So make some preparation in advance for a good China tour.
Luoyang has rich historical and cultural sites and it has many attractions. The Longmen Grottoes are one of China's three most precious treasure houses of stone sculptures and inscriptions. The White Horse Temple is the first Buddhist temple and is honored as the 'Cradle of Buddhism in China'. Mt. Mangshan is where ancient tombs of emperors, nobles and literates in the past dynasties collected. The Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum is the world's first example of the kind and presents thousands of treasures discovered in the tombs. Shaolin Temple is the place of origin for Chinese Zen Buddhism and the cradle of Chinese Martial Art.  Every year in April, the flowers blossom and attract tourists from all over the world.

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