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Qiao Family Compound

Location:Located 20km north of Pingyao
Opening time:8:00-18:30 winter;8:00-19:30summer
Best time for visit: all year long
Recommended time for a visit:40 minutes
Open:8:00-18:30 winter;8:00-19:30summer

How to Get There

1) By taxi costed for 20RMB.


Located 20km north of Pingyao, the compound is fortified behind a 10m high wall with battlements. The total amount of buildings was 60 courtyards, ten large courtyards, 19 courtyards, totaling 313 rooms. From the bird-eye view, the layout is in the shape of a Chinese character -double happiness and selected from mould of castle. Inside the close brick wall, each two courtyards are linked tightly and each two rooms are like fish scales and comb teeth. Six buildings are divided into two by corridors. There are numerous courtyards and gardens in courtyards.

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