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Shuanglin Temple

Location: To 7 km southwest out of the town
Opening time:9:00-17:00
Best time for visit: all year long
Recommended time for a visit:1 hour
Open:9:00-17:00 daily

How to Get There

1)Walking by 20 minutes can come.


Shuanglin Temple is originally called Zhongdu Temple. In the northern Song Dynasty, in order to memorialize Buddha who attained Nirvana under two trees in a forest, it was changed into 'Shuanglin, 'shuang' meaning 'two or double', and 'lin' meaning 'forest.' All cultural relics inside the temple, such as the pagoda trees planted during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), stone tablets from the Song Dynasty, bells from the Ming Dynasty, colored sculptures and ancient constructions, are considered invaluable. The colored sculptures have won great acclaim in the world. Various sculptures are scattered throughout the temple, the tallest measuring over one zhang (3.3 meters) and the shortest, one chi (three chi=one meter). With a total of 2,056 sculptures, the temple is reputed as an oriental art treasury. The cream-colored art sculptures of the Yuan (1271-1368)-Ming period are compared to the Yungang Grotto and frescos in the Yongle Palace of Ruicheng City.

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