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Shanghai Children Palace


If you are having a Shanghai package tour,our Shanghai travel guide introduce you to see the Shanghai Children Palace,which is one of the Shanghai tourist attractions,thus giving you a complete sightseeing in Shanghai.
Shanghai Children Palace is an interesting place to visit, and to enjoy great performances by kids. It is a training school, providing after school education to gifted kids. Children participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities including music, dance, art, model making, science, technology and computer science. Kids can attend one or two programs according to their own interests. All kids, 5-14 years old, can be accepted as long as they pass a simple examination and pay the tuition.

The building of the Municipal Children Palace was the former villa of an English businessman named Alley Kadoorie. It is wholly built of marble; it is also called the "Marble Hall". Its construction started in 1918 and was completed in 1924. In 1953, Madame Song Ching Ling founded the China Welfare Society Children Palace here.

The main building is of a palace style. There are other halls, like the Science Hall, the Art and Recreation Hall, a small stage, and an observatory. Every year, over a million children come to take part in different kinds of activities here. There are over a hundred hobby groups, like the chorus, folk music, orchestral music, painting, calligraphy, biology, astronomy, etc. It has trained a large number of scientific and artistic personnel for our country.

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