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Have a Dim Sum Banquet in Lubolang Restaurant

Venue: Lubolang Restaurant in Yuyuan Garden
Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours
What to eat: Shanghai local dim sum
Summary: Shanghai dim sum banquet is served in the famous local restaurant Lubolang Restaurant. This banquet features to serve various kinds of dim sum including Shanghai local ones and imperial ones.
If you are having a Shanghai package tour and want to taste the local Shanghai cuisine,our Shanghai travel guide introduce you to have a Dim Sum Banquet in Lubolang Restaurant,which can be said to be one of Shanghai tourist attractions.
Shanghai Dim Sum enjoys the same fame with Canton Dim Sum. Shanghai dim sum is focus on the fresh materials with a little sweet taste. The famous xiaolong bao (some people call soup dumpling), traditional Shanghai crackers, Tngyuan (sometimes called glutinous rice balls), etc. can be appreciated in Lubolang Restaurant in Yuyuan Garden.
Since opened in Sept. 2007, Lubolang Restaurant has received a number of important guests, and the well-known writers of the Shanghai Writers Association gave much appreciation to it after they had tasted the dishes and enjoyed the service of the restaurant. It features Shanghai dishes, dim sum to crab feasts. In addition, set menus, named for Clinton, Queen Elizabeth and Castro are available.

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