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Shanghai Restaurants

Local restautant

Lv Bo Lang Restaurant

If you are having a Shanghai travel package and want to taste the local Shanghai cuisine,our Shanghai travel guide introduce you to go to one of Shanghai restaurants.

Shanghai-style food, Shanghai-style snacks, shark's fin dishes and a crab feast. English Menu available.Reservation recommanded. It is featured for its 4 distinguished food series of Shanghai-style food, Shanghai-style snacks,shark’s fin dishes and crab feast. The restautant has hosted heads of state from more than 40 foreign countries such as President Clinton.

  • Chinese name: 绿波廊 Lü Bo Lang /lyoo bo lung/
  • Average price per person: 114 yuan
  • Address: Inside Yuyuan Garden, 238 Fuyou Road, Huangpu District (黄浦区福佑路238号豫园内)
  • Tel: 021-63280602

L ü Bo Lang Wenchang Road Branch (文昌路店)

  • Average price per peson: 110 yuan
  • Address: Inside TownGods Temple, 10 Wenchang Road, Huangpu District (黄浦区文昌路10号城隍庙内)
  • Tel: 021-63550500

Shanghai Oriental Pearl Revolving Restaurant

Located on top of Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Oriental Pearl Revolving Restauran is considered to be the highest one in Asia, with its unique spectacle, outstanding cuisine and leisurely environment it is open to be a giant in Shanghai. Hundreds of Chinese and western food are placed on marvelously decorated buffet tables, alluring landscape is revolvingly changed per two hours, it definitely leaves you a deep impression while dining there.

  • Chinese name: 东方明珠塔 Dongfang Mingzhu Ta /dong-fung ming-zhoo ta/
  • Average price per person: 132 yuan
  • Opening hours: 8:30am–9:30pm
  • Address: Inside the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, 1 Pudong Century Avenue, Pudong New District (浦东新区浦东世纪大道1号东方明珠塔内)
  • Tel: 021-58791888

Zhu Jia Jiao Hong Lou Restaurant

This 200 seater restaurant is located in the center of Zhu Jia Jiao Town, an ancient place in Shanghai, which specializes in authentic local cuisine. Homemade decoration creates an atmosphere of water town, and the popular dishes delight your taste buds with genuine flavors and ingredients.

  • Chinese name: 红楼酒家 Honglou Jiujia /hong-loww jyoh-jyah/
  • Averge price per person: 45 yuan
  • Address: 18 Zhujia Jiao Sijing Yuan Road, Qingpu Distric t (青浦区朱家角泗景园路18号)

Wujiang Road Snacks Street

Wujiang Road Snacks Street, located at Wujiang Road, Jing'an District, is famous for snacks. Wujiang Road Snacks Street has the same status as the prosperous Business Street in Nanjing West Road, but different in style. Business Street is nobly fashionable while Snacks Street is very close to the fashion of ordinary people. Small shops there are so attractive to the ordinary that customers unconsciously open their hearts, and no longer remember losing weight and going on a diet. Everything is under the control of the taste buds.

On this street, some of the well-known restaurants are Base (a Chinese and western restaurant), MR COFFEE, and Jiro (a name of a restaurant). In MR COFFEE, foreigners often have a cup of coffee in the open air. And Jiro is characterized by curry and coffee, as well as afternoon tea, thus making it a good place for leisure and relaxation.

Wujiang Road Snacks Street will be relocated as a whole. Many patrons said they were reluctant to let it go. No matter how Wujiang Road changes, it is a paradise of snacks. For each visitor to Shanghai, Wujiang Road Snacks Street should not be missed.

You can get off the train at Nanjing West Road metro, or get there by No.37, and 20 buses.

Jade On 36

Jade on 36, on the 36th floor of a five-star hotel called Shangri-La Hotel, is located at No.33 Fu Cheng Road, Pudong New Area. The chief chef in this restaurant is a Frenchman. Ranging from the environment to dishes, Jade on 36 is a symbol of top grade. Inside the restaurant, there are decorations of emerald glass and purple-colored interior leather, making the restaurant looks gorgeous.

On one side of the restaurant, the view of the Bund will take you back to the 1930s, when Shanghai was known as the "Oriental Paris". On the other side of the restaurant, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the high-rises in Lujiazui financial business district, constantly remind you of the fact that the current Shanghai has opened a new chapter. Exquisite dishes, exceptional design and the breathtaking landscape, will leave you special feelings.

Especially at night, when enjoying the night view of the Bund from distance, you may feel that you are standing on the most prosperous land in the world. It can be said that tourists can experience an unusual visual and gustatory venture at Jade on 36.

  • Chinese name: 翡翠36餐厅 Feicui 36 Canting /fay-cway 36 tsan-ting/
  • Average price per person: 880 yuan
  • Address: Floor 36, Zijin Building, Grand Shangri-la Hotel, 33 Fucheng Road, Pudong New District(浦东新区富城路33号香格里拉大酒店紫金楼36楼)
  • Tel: 021-68828888
  • Transportation: You can get there by taking No. 2 subways and get off at Lujiazui Station, or taking No. 01, 82, 81, 85, 583, 621, 776, 778, and 795 buses.

M On The Bund

M on the Bund continues to wow Shanghai with its delectable cuisine, stylish service and a sophisticated, yet comfortable ambience and it is the only restaurant in mainland China twice named to the Miele Guide Top 20 List (2008 and 2009).

M on the Bund is located on Shanghai’s historic riverfront Bund, on the top floor of the seven-storey former Nissin Shipping building. The building is created with re-imagining the 1927 structure, an award-winning modernist interior blending 21st century touches with hints of Shanghai’s past.  Both the Dining Room and the Crystal Room offer spectacular vistas overlooking the Bund, the Huangpu River and the skyscrapers of Pudong.

Besides European dishes, M on the Bund has introduced new flavors from the cuisines of the Middle East and North Africa, in response to increasingly sophisticated palates, while remaining true to its culinary roots: even the most unfamiliar dishes are filtered through the prism of classical European technique. The combination of cuisine, ambience and view has made it a modern Shanghai icon.

Note: If you can't get a table, enjoy the scene at the very cool Glamour Bar.

Lunch: Monday – Friday    11:30 – 14:30
Brunch: Saturday – Sunday    11:30 – 15:00
Afternoon Tea: Saturday – Sunday    15:00 – 17:00
Dinner: Every evening        18:00 – 22:30
Address: 7/F 20 Guangdong Road
Tel: 021-6350 9988

Xian Qiang Fang

The restaurant mainly serves Shanghai style dishes, which feature exquisite, creative, fresh, fragrant and delicious. Besides its dishes, the restaurant is famous for its unique design and decoration, which shows you the typical and luxurious Shanghai lifestyle in 1930s. The unadorned floor, wooden tables, cane chairs, hollowed-out doors and windows, all of which create the in-store overwhelmed by a holiday atmosphere elegant with classic simplicity. The most unique is that there are performances of opera and Pingtan (storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect) in the evening.
The Shanghai cuisine is really fascinating,if you want to have a taste of them, go into one of the local restaurants in Shanghai.

  • Chinese name: 鲜墙房 /sshyen qyang fung/
  • Recommended dishes: Fried shrimps with sauce (桑拿虾), smoked duck breast (烟熏鸭), tofu cooked with minced crab meat (蟹粉豆腐) and braised pork in brown sauce (红烧肉)
  • Average price per person: 2128 yuan
  • Address: Floor 4 and 5, 600 Jiujiang Road, Huangpu District (黄浦区九江路600号4-5楼)
  • Tel: 021-6351 5757
  • Transportation: Take Subway Line 1, get off at People Square (人民广场) and get out from Exit 4, the restaurant is about 10-munite walk from the exit.

Xian Qiang Fang Hongqiao Road Branch (鲜墙房虹桥路店)

  • Average price per person: 197 yuan
  • Address: 1468 Hongqiao Road, Changning District (长宁区虹桥路1468号)
  • Tel: 021-6295 1717 or 6270 9615
  • Transportation: Take Subway Line 10, and get off at Yili South Road (伊犁南路).

Xian Qiang Fang Pudong Branch (鲜墙房浦东店)

  • Average price per person: 202 yuan
  • Address: Floor 4, Lekai Mansion, 660 Shangcheng Road, Pudong New District (浦东新区南城路660号乐凯大厦4楼)
  • Tel: 021-5888 9797
  • Bus routes: 1, 130, 818 and 985

Indian Restaurants

Naam Thai 纳摩

  • Address: No.508, Jiashan Road, Xuhui District (徐汇区嘉善路508号Loft尚街1107-1108室)
  • Average Price per person: 143 yuan
  • Hours: 10:00–22:00
  • Tel: 021-5465 6005

Kebabs On The Grille 克比印度料理

  • Address: No.505, Zhongshan Nan Road, Huangpu District (黄浦区中山南路505弄老码头8号楼)
  • Average Price per person: 144 yuan
  • Tel: 021-6152 6567

Tandoor 天都里印度餐厅

  • Address: No.59, Maoming Nan Road, Luwan District (卢湾区茂名南路59号锦江饭店南楼大堂)
  • Average Price per person: 220 yuan
  • Hours: 11:30–14:00; 17:00–22:00
  • Tel: 021-64725494

Afternoon Tea 新天地

  • Address: No.123, Xingye Road, Luwan District (卢湾区兴业路123弄6-7号楼新天地南里商场3楼)
  • Average Price per person: 65 yuan
  • Hours: 11:00–23:00
  • Tel: 021-5306 5135

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