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Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Train

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train is one of the representatives of Chinese hi-tech industry. The Beijing-Shanghai high speed train will run at speeds between 155mph - 185mph and provide three services: "non-stop" (which actually will stop in the old imperial capital of Nanjing), a medium-fast service stopping in provincial capitals and a "full service" stopping in 24 stations along the line.So if you are having a Shanghai package tour and want to go to Beijing, our Shanghai travel guide introduce you to take this Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train,maybe it is a kind enjoyment for the travellers,which can make your China holiday travel easier.
♦ Business Seats Carriage
The most outstanding design of this train is the business seats carriage (including Sightseeing seats, first class seats and business seats). This kind of seats is sold higher than the air tickets between Beijing and Shanghai. So how special is it? Here is a report from a journalist in CRH380A.
► Sightseeing Parts – television set in armrest
Sightseeing Carriages are set on No. 380A, 380AL and 380BL high-speed trains, next to the operation room. Each VIP sightseeing part set two 360 degree turning seats. These seats also can be turned into beds with LED setting in armrests. Besides, three comfortable sofas and electric screen and other multi-functioned facilities are set in this kind of carriage as well.
The electric screen is set between the operation room and sightseeing carriage. When powering on this screen, passengers can see the operating process of drivers through it. They also can view the driving situation from the driver’s view.
► Business Parts – Service Buttons are set
Business Carriages are generally the third one of the train. Twenty four red seats with 180 degree turning and bed transforming functions are equipped in. Three seats in a row divided into single seat and twin seat two kinds. A screen to prevent passenger disturbing from others ensures a private room for each other.
On the service screen which is set on the business carriage will let train conductors know who need help if the passenger has pressed the service button on the seat.
First Class Parts – a meeting room on the train
The first class carriages on No. 380AL train are first, second, forth and sixteenth carriages, totally 162 seats. Each seat is equipped with a reading lamp and earphone input facility so that passengers can listen to the music played by the train.
First Class Box in the first class carriages is a comparatively private room divided with three glass screens. A big table in the center and 6 seats in both side which can serve as a meeting room for business travelers.
♦ Fares
Ticket for the first train from Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao.
On June 13, 2011, the list of fares was announced at a Ministry of Railways press conference. The fares from Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao in RMB Yuan are listed below:
2nd-class seat
1st-class seat
VIP Seat (Sightseeing Seat)
Quickest Journey Time
Daily services
Note: * Only available on services using the CRH380.
With ¥1750 one way in sightseeing class, passengers can sit behind the driver and watch the driver work and the track in front through the windshield of the driver's cab.
♦ Ticket service on the web
The online ticket service opened when brick and mortar ticket service started. Passengers can buy tickets on the internet and pay the fare by debit or credit card. If the passenger uses a 2nd-generation ID Card and does not want any documents printed, they can use their ID card directly as the ticket to pass the AFC, otherwise the passenger must change to a paper ticket prior to travel.

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China’s Initial High Speed Trains
China’s initial high speed trains were imported or built under technology transfer agreements with foreign train-makers including Siemens, Bombardier and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. However, Chinese engineers re-designed and further improved the internal components of the train in order for the train to run at much higher speed. China currently holds close to 1,000 local and international patents for high speed rail technology. Foreign trainmakers continue to sell certain components but no longer supply train sets for China's high speed trains Most of the China Railway High-speed (CRH) train components are manufactured by local Chinese suppliers, with only a few parts imported.

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