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Haba Snow Mountain


"Haba" means golden flower in Naxi language. Legend has it that Haba Snow Mountain and the Yulong Snow Mountain are two brothers, the Jinsha River is flowing between them, thus forming the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

The Haba Snow Mountain, its main peak 5,396 meters in height, stands 120 kilometers to the southeast of the Zhongdian county seat. The climate is distinctly different from the foot to the summit because of elevation difference with the temperature difference up to 22.8 degree. The Haba Snow Mountain domains 21,908 hectares, Covered with a vertical distribution of forests, for example a dense forest of firs, spruce etc, is rich in wildlife and plant resources. The attraction of the Sanba Tourist Area is attributed to the towering peaks of the Haba Snow Mountain and its alpine moraine lake, endless tracks of azalea flowers.

Besides snow mountains, lakes and azalea flowers, there are also many waterfalls here. Tumbling down the northeastern side of the mountain is Haba Waterfall, also known as the "Great Hanging Water", which is more than 200m high and pours down with an amazing momentum.

IThe mountain area is the last home to many species. There are many kinds of plants, animals in the snow mountain. It is therefore praised as the Natural Zoo.

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