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Hanshan Temple

Location:Hanshan Temple (Hanshan si) is located in Maple Bridge Town (Fengqiao) in the west outskirts of Suzhou;
Opening time:7:30AM -17 , daily;
Best time for visit: all year long
Recommended time for a visit:2 hours
Open:7:30AM -17 , daily

How to Get There

1) take tourist buses No.3,6,9,17,21,301


Two lines of the poem reads, 'outside the Suzhou City wall, I heard the sound of Hanshan Temple bell onboard the boat and felt its midnight spell'. On 31 December every year, Hanshan Temple holds the event of Striking the New Year's Bell, during which the superior of the temple strike the bell 108 beats and visitors can enjoy themselves at various celebrations.

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