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Humble Administrator Garden

Location:No.170 Northeastern Street, Suzhou
Admission Fee:CNY 70 (Mar.1 to May 31 and Sep. 1 to Nov. 30);CNY 50 (June 1 to Aug. 31 and Dec. 1 to Apr. 30)
Opening time:07:00 to 17:30

How to Get There

1)By Bus 2, 3, or Tourism Bus No. 1, 2 & 5


The Humble Administrator Garden was first built in the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Zhengde of Ming Dynasty in 1509. It covers an area of 52,000 square meters. Humble Administrator Garden (Zhuozheng yuan) is the best representation of Chinese classical gardens of the Ming Dynasty. Its design is duplicated in many gardens throughout China, and there is even a replica in the New York Metropolitan Museum.

The houses in the residential area are of the typical Suzhou style and now used as exhibition rooms. The middle section is the gem of the whole garden. Of its area one-third is covered by water. Around the lake are trees and buildings.

The main scenic spots include Distance Fragrance Hall, Fragrance Islet, Lotus-viewing Pavilion, See-the-hill Building and Pipa Garden. In this well-preserved private garden, one will enjoy the original and ingenious design as well as the calm mind which deeply hidden in your mind.

It also is a great fun to have a study about the basic factors of Chinese traditional garden including the lakeside rocks, the tower and mansions, winding path and the corridors, etc.

Eastern Section:

The Eastern Section is dotted with sheer hills, green grasses, dense bamboo and pine forests and winding streams. The main building is the Cymbidium Goeingii Hall (Lanxiang Tang). Its south wall has a panoramic map of the entire garden. Another impressive structure is the Celestial Spring Pavilion (Tianquan Ting), which gets its name from an ancient well inside whose water tastes very sweet.

Central Section:

The Central Section is the truly elite part of the garden, with one-third of its area covered by water. It is lined with exuberant trees and elegant parlors. Pavilions and courtyards are clustered throughout. The Hall of Distant Fragrance (Yuanxiang Tang) is the main building that is named after a lotus pool nearby. When the summer comes the pool is filled with lotuses and the heady fragrance wafts into the building. The hall is designed with oversized glass windows on all sides for easy viewing. Nearby is the Small Flying Rainbow Bridge (Xiaofeihong), a rare type of bridge and the only one in the garden you can walk across.

Western Section:

The western region of the Humble Administrator's Garden covers an area of half and 12 Mu. With the pools for the center, the circuitous water connects to the large pool in the center. Besides the former attractions such as the tower shadow Pavilion and the Stay and Listen Pavilion, Flos Daturae View and Saliu Mandarin Duck Guan, meaning 18 Camellias Hall in English 36 Pairs of Mandarin Duck's Hall in English, are newly built. They are divided into the south part and the north part with partition board. In summer we can share the view in the north park that Mandarin Ducks swimming on the pool where planted with many lotus. Wile in winter, it is better to appreciate the delicate stacking man-made rocks and blossoming camellias.

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