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Suzhou Shopping

If you are having a Suzhou package tour, Suzhou shopping is a must,and our Suzhou travel guide provide some information about shopping in Suzhou,thus making your Suzhou China tour perfect.
Having a history of more than 2,500 years, Suzhou was a flourishing city of Southern China in ancient times, with abundant products and highly-developed economy. The ancient painting of "Gusu (the name of Suzhou in ancient times) Prosperity" demonstrates exactly the prosperity of Suzhou during the reign of Qing Qianlong Emporer (1736-1759). Today shops with varieties of commodities are standing along the street corners of Suzhou. A trip to this ancient city would certainly amaze you.

Local Products and Gifts

Suzhou has a concentration of over 2,000 kinds of goods featuring local flavor, such as Su embroidery, mandarin coats, pure silk clothing, carvings, carpet and tapestry. Anyway, Suzhou provides tourists with various kinds of souvenirs according to their different requirements.

Su Embroidery

Suzhou embroidery, multi-colored and gorgeous, is regarded as a pearl of Chinese art. The vivid descriptions of animals, people, landscapes and flowers are popular themes of Su embroidery. Contemporary embroidery in Suzhou is blended with fashionable elements, yielding a unique style of embroidery that is popular all over the world.

Su Embroidery Museum

  • Address: No.262, Jingde Road

Jade Carvings

Suzhou jade carvings are well-known for their exquisite workmanship. There are two types: plain or three dimensional. The designs are made based on the different shapes of materials and fine carvings are done with appropriate skills.

Suzhou Jade Carving Department Store

  • Address: No.33, North Pagoda Road (west), Suzhou

Suzhou Fan

Besides the function of cooling people down, Suzhou fan has another function of giving people a chance to appreciate the great charm of traditional Chinese culture. Well known for its long history and refining craftship, Suzhou fan is a kind of folding fan which attractes many experts to write poems and draw pictures on it. The "Old Fan Face", well-known for its fine, strong, even and endurable quality, is the best among all the Suzhou fans. The area of Peach blossom Shipyard of Changmen has been the centralized place for Suzhou fan ever since.

The Marketplace of Sandalwood Fan, Suzhou

  • Address: No.58, Northwest Street, Suzhou

Biluochun Tea

Biluochun green tea is well-known for its smooth shape, fresh color, fragrant aroma and mellow taste. The best Biluochun tea leaves are usually picked during March and April, and the prepared tea leaves are curled like screws and covered with white fuzz. Production of authentic Biluochun tea is very limited, making it quite expensive and hard to find.

The No.1 Silk Factory

Products include Suzhou Silk, Qipao, Silk Scarf,Tang silk top, Chinese Top, Evening dress.

  • Recommended Shop: No.1 silk factory
  • Address: Hengfeng Mansion, North Tongjing Road (苏州市桐泾北路26-6号恒峰大厦201-202室)
  • Tel: 0512-6515 5732 / 6515 1469

Recommended Shopping Sites

For Clothes and Shoes

In City Plaza 印象城购物中心

Suzhou In City Plaza
  • Address: No.1699, Xiandai Avenue, Gongyeyuan District (工业园区现代大道1699号)
  • Tel: 0512-6280 2222
  • Average Price Per Person: 262 yuan

Jiuhuang Department Store 久光百货

  • Address: No.268, Wangdun Road, Gongyeyuan District (工业园区旺墩路268号)
  • Tel: 0512-6733 3600
  • Average Price Per Person: 773 yuan

Yuanrong Times Square 圆融时代广场

  • Address: No.268, Wangdun Road, Gongyeyuan District (工业园区旺墩路268号)
  • Average Price Per Person: 147 yuan

Meiluo Shopping Mall 美罗商城

  • Address: No.245, Guanqian Street, Pingjiang District (平江区观前街245号)
  • Tel: 0512-6522 7777
  • Average Price Per Person: 868 yuan

For Consumer Electronics and Computers

Youtong Cyber Port 友通数码港

Suzhou Cyber Port
  • Address: No.456, West Jianggan Road, Jinchang District (金阊区干将西路456号)
  • Tel: 0512-6558 0808

Linghua Digital Mall 领华数码城

  • Address: No.688, Zhuhui Road, Langcang District (沧浪区竹辉路688号)
  • Tel: 0512-6516 1918 / 6516 9088

For Home Appliances

Gome Appliance 国美电器

  • Address: Dongjin Shopping Mall, No.889, East Ganjiang Road, Pingjiang District (平江区干将路889号东锦商城)
  • Tel: 0512-8765 4611

Suning Appliance 苏宁电器

  • Address: the Pedestrian Street, Shilu Road, Jinchang District (金阊区石路步行街)

For Furniture and House Decoration

B&Q 百安居

  • Address: No.208, Jinjihu Road, Gongyeyuan District (工业园区金鸡湖路208号)
  • Tel: 0512-67616611

NUJI 无印良品

  • Address: No.1699, Xiandai Avenue, Gongyeyuan District (工业园区现代大道1699号)
  • Tel: 0512-6956 6121

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