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Urumqi Climate and Weather

Urumqi is semi-arid, with its summers slightly wetter than its winters, yet sunny weather is more likely in the warmer months, and relative humidity is the lowest during summer. The hottest months are July and August and average temperatures of around 25.7 °C (78.2°F). The coldest month is January with an average temperature of -15.2 °C (4.6 °F). Urumqi sees large differences between day and night temperatures  and  between summer and winter,  Urumqi   has an arid mid-temperate continental climate with an annual average precipitation less than 200 mm.
Urumqi Climate

Urumqi Spring

Urumqi Spring   comes comparatively late. Usually the northern suburb of Urumqi has the first touch of spring in late March, the downtown area some two weeks later and the southern suburb ten days later again. 

Urumqi Summer

Urumqi in summer is flowery and lush,is the most beautiful season in Urumqi. The duration of summer differs in the city and suburb areas. Summer is only 62 days long in Urumqi city but goes for 90 days in the suburbs. The average temperature in the summer is 23 °C (73.4 °F). 

Urumqi  Autumn

The best time to visit Urumqi is between August and September when the weather has been cooled off and fruits have matured. Scenery of Urumqi in autumn is at its best. Hospitable Kazakhs put up white yurts on the vast grassland near Heavenly Lake and provides tourists with milk tea, milk wine, and hand-hold mutton. Recommended scenic spots to go in autumn are Heavenly Lake, South Pasture, and Multicolored Bay.

Urumqi   Winter

Winter is from November until April, and lasts over 150 days. The average temperature in Urumqi during the winter is -13 °C (8.6 °F). Heave snow is common during the winter, which makes Urumqi an ideal place to ski. A padded coat, a down-filled coat, and a sweater are recommended for the winter.

Urumqi   Travel Tips

  • Spring is refreshing while a little cold. It snows occasionally.
  • Summer is beautiful when flowers are in full boom and grasslands turn to green. It can be hot but the beauty is everlasting.
  • Autumn is the best season to visit Urumqi. As the weather cools, the city is shrouded by colours and scent of ripe fruits.
  • Snow is common in winter and it's very cold. It's the low season, less crowded and cheaper to travel.

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