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Urumqi Facts

Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, also the center of politics, economy, culture, science and technology, is located in an alluvial fan-shaped basin on the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains. Urumqi is along the ancient Silk Road.
Urumqi Location Map Urumqi Districts Urumqi has totally seven districts and one county under its administration. 4 Urban Districts: Tianshan District, Saybagh District, Shuimogou District, Xinshi District 3 Suburban Districts: Dongshan District, Dabancheng District, Toutunhe District 1 Rural Counties: Urumqi County Urumqi Codes Urumqi Postal Code: Urumqi zip codes range from 830000 to 830094. However, not all within the range are in use.
  • Population: 2.33 million people with 0.39 million non-permanent residents at the end of 2005
  • Currency: Yuan (Renminbi)
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese, Uygur
  • Time Zone: China Standard Time (UTC+8); Urumqi Time (two hours later than Beijing Time)
  • Area: 10,989 square kilometers
  • Administrative Divisions: 7 districts and 1 county
  • Altitude: 800m
  • Main Rivers: Urumqi River, Shuimo River
  • GDP(2007 estimate):  Total – CNY78.2 billion; Per capital - CNY 29,200

Urumqi  Features

Urumqi means "Beautiful Meadow". It is proud of its natural scenery, ethnic style, travelling spots, delicious cuisine and comprehensive facilities. In the surrounding region there are rich oases, grasslands, forests, vast expanses of desert, and the Flaming Mountain. More than 47 ethnic groups live in Urumqi. The ancient customs and hospitality of the minority people leave an unforgettable impression on visitors.
In and around Urumqi, visitors can find such attractions as the Red Hill which is the highest spot in the center of the city, the South Pasture, the Heaven Lake which is an ideal place for skating competitions, the Xinjiang Museum among others. Urumqi belongs to the Continental Arid climate, so the best tourism times are August and September, when the weather is temperate and the fruit is mature then.

Urumqi  History

2000 years ago it was once an important town on the new northern route of the Silk Road, which made important contribution in promoting Sino-fore- ign economic & cultural exchanges. During the 22nd year of the Zhenguan’s reign in the Tang Dynasty, 648 A.D., the Tang government set up the town of Luntai in the ancient town seat of Urabo.which is 10 kilometers away from the southern su- burb of Urumqi nowadays.
The Ancient Luntai Town, which played quit significant a role on the new northern route of Silk Road in the Tang Dynasty, was the only town of tax collection, the only town of management, the town of supply and the first town as well. In the time of Qing Dynasty (A.D.1763), the emperor Qian Lon- g named the expanded city as “DiHua”. UP to A.D.1884, another Urumqiemperor Guang Xu put up Xinjiang as a Province and the Di Hua city as the capital of XinJiang. Af- ter the founding of the People’s Republic of China, by Feb. 1, 1954, the city name was restored to its original meaning e.g.Urumqi.


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