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Heavenly Lake

Location:is located half way up Bogda Peak in Fukang County, 110km east of Urumqi City
Opening time:8:00-18:00 daily
Best time for visit: summer
Recommended time for a visit:4 hours
Open:8:00-18:00 daily
Tickets:high season 100RMB;boat tickets20-35RMB

How to Get There

1)There is tourist bus in the front of people's park of Urumqi city.


The Tianchi Lake scenic area can be divided into four natural view belts: lower mountain belt, mountain coniferous forest belt, alpine and subalpine belt, and ice and snow belt. Riding a horse, one can, within one day, arrive at the foot of 5445-m high Bogda Peak that is the highest peak of the eastern Tianshan Mountains. Bogda is a Mongolian word, meaning "God". The 5445-m high Bogda Peak was covered by ice and snow all the year round and thus like wearing a body armor, so ancient Mongolians thought that this was "God" and named it "Bogda". The Bogda Peak is one of the mountain peaks chosen by Chinese and foreign mountain climbers for climbing sports.
Tianchi literally means ' Heaven Lake ' or ' Heavenly Lake ' (in Mandarin Chinese) and can refer to several lakes in China and Taiwan.) Formerly known as Yaochi (Jade Lake), it was named Tianchi by Mingliang in 1783, the Qing Dynasty Commander of Urumqi Command.

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