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Mt Nan Pastures and Terai Camp

Location: The South Pasture is on Nan Shan in the Kelawucheng Mountain range about 60 or 70 kilometers (40 miles) south of Urumqi. It is about two hours south of Urumqi on a bus.
Opening time:8:00-18:00 daily
Best time for visit: It is best to go in the late spring, summer and fall when it isn't freezing
Recommended time for a visit:4 hours
Open:8:00-18:00 daily
Tickets:Going to the South Pasture is free.

How to Get There

1)buses leave for Nan Shan (there might be a sign saying this) from a bus station south of People's Park (Renmin Gongyuan). The bus trip takes about two hours and costs about 10 or 30 RMB or about 1.5 to 4 USD.


1. Sort of like highland Colorado pasture area and evergreen woods.
2. Kazakhs.
3. Economical accommodations in yurts and ethnic Kazakh meals.
4. There is high glacier on Nan Shan that you can ride up to go to see.
5. Many streams and a waterfall.
6. Enjoy hiking and horseback riding.
7. Enjoy the high-protein, meaty Kazakh food.
8. Close to the attractions in Urumqi, the Heavenly Lake, and a new luxury ski resort called Ping Tian Resort.

The People
Kazakh people were nomadic, tribal shepherds and ranchers of cattle, sheep, goats, and horses. Now a lot of the 1.5 million Kazakhs who live in Xinjiang work in the cities or in agriculture. But in the mountains and the mountain valleys, the streams water the cattle, and the green grass is their food. So there the Kazakhs continue their ancient work, and they get a lot of meat they can serve to their guests. These Kazakhs are generally uneducated and earn money as shepherds and ranchers and by hosting tourists in yurts. They have a high-protein dairy-rich diet and are known for serving big portions of boiled or broiled meat with their hard salty bread that is called nan, their hard sour cheese called irimshiq, noodles and milk tea. An economical alternative to hotels and restaurants in Urumqi are the Kazakh yurts with their ethnic meals. A yurt may seem primitive. It is. When it is cold at night, you may have to burn wood or coal in a stove to stay warm.
A Glacier!
A highlight in the Nan Shan South Pasture area is the Number One Glacier that is about 2,200 meters long and descends from 4,474 meters (14,500 feet) atop a ridge down to 3,730 meters (12,100 feet) at its tongue. It is a big, white glacier. It is south of the South Pasture. It can be reached by car from Hou Xia for an hour's ride. This glacier is said to be melting. A few kilometers away from the glacier, Kazakhs rent yurts and sell meals to travelers. You can experience the authentic Kazakh life, and the price is relatively low. Few tourists go there, but there are spectacular views. Keep in mind that at that high altitude it might freeze or snow or there may be a snowstorm at any time in the summer. The hiking might be a little treacherous. Climbing to the top of the mountain is dangerous.
Touring Activities
1. Hiking, riding horses and staying in yurts.
2. Enjoy the Kazakh food.
3. Go to the Number 1 Glacier.
4. Learn about Kazakhs.
5. Go to the attractions in the Tian Shan range including the Heavenly Lake and Tian Ping Resort


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