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Make Chinese Dumplings (Jiaozi) by Yourself

Xian Guide

If you come to visit in Xian, you should not miss the Xian dumpling banquet, they served 100 different dumplings from all kinds of the fillings.

Dumplings are small lumps of dough that are cooked and eaten, either with meat and vegetables are as part of a sweet pudding.Especially during the new year festival days almost every family eat dumpling for celebration.

You could add the dumpling banquet as part of your Xian tour. After you taste the delicious dumplings you may think about how the recipes for Chinese dumpling cooking ? Ok you will not be worry, here you can make Chinese dumplings by yourself.
There are actually different steps of making dumplings. The first step is Shred the cabbage and put into a stainless pot.

For the second step is Mix the cabbage and minced meat together by hand. Ground meat is meat finely chopped by a meat grinder. Pork and lamb are generally preferred for Chinese dumplings, but beef, chicken, and turkey may be used as well.
The third step is Add the balm, salt and a little (cornstarch/cornflour) and mix again.

The fourth step is wrapper making. They typically come in three-inch squares and are made from flour, eggs, and salt.

The last teps is Put the mixture on the wrapping. Then Wet the edge with a damp finger and fold the sides together, crimping (pressing together) with your fingers to seal the contents inside. when everything was ready you put the dumplings into the hot water for boiling.

 After all that work, the most enjoyable part of making Chinese dumplings is eating them, usually after dipping them in a dipping sauce. Jiaozi dumplings are always served with a dipping sauce, usually based on black rice vinegar and various spicy oils or sesame oil.

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