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See the Guanzhong Leather-silhouette Show

Venue: Gao Courtyard
Address: 144, North Gate, Muslim Street, Xian
Duration: All year round
Summary: With the melody of the unique Shaanxi local music, Guanzhong Leather-silhouette Show fully expresses the North China art. The life-like figures in this show tell you many stories that happened or might happen in the past Shaanxi.

If you are planning a Xian tour package,you should know the things to do in Xian .Our Xian travel guide introduce you to see the  Guanzhong Leather-silhouette Show,thus adding color to China holiday vacation.
The shadow of the figure is projected on the screen. Artists control the figures and move them as a real human. It is a very interesting show to enjoy and the audiences at home and abroad are all speak highly of this art performance. And classical works of Guanzhong Leather-silhouette Show are tow dramas, namely Princess Wencheng Enters Tibet and Imperial Concubine Yang.

The spirit behind the show
This folk art is priceless value. Choose to see the Guangzhong Leather-silhouette Show as your Xian entertainment will gain your knowledge of the Chinese culture, especially the culture lies in this nation. This intelligent and tough group through the play tells audiences how they struggle with the life, how they fight for their own rights and how they battle with the ruler group.

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