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Drum Tower

Admission Fare: Only the Drum Tower 27 Yuan/P, together with the Bell Tower 40 Yuan/P. Tourists under 18 years old could get a free ticket by ID card. Ticket for old people (65-69) could buy old people ticket: 20Yuan/P
Opening time:Peak Season (Apr. to Oct.) 8:00-22:00
Off Season (Nov. to Mar. next year) 8:00-17:30

How to Get There

Take No. 12, 47, 201, 206, 215, 218, 502, 604, 612, K203, K606, K618 (air-condition), K630 (air-condition), Line 2, Line 3 and other local bus to get to the Drum Tower.


If you are having a Xian package tour,our Xian travel guide will introduce you to see the Xian Drum Tower,which is one of the Xian tourist attractions,thus giving you a complete sightseeing in Xian.
The Drum Tower is located at the south end of Beiyuan Gate of Xidajie Street in Xian, facing the Bell Tower at east. The Bell Tower is just 250m from the Drum Tower. It is the largest one existing in China. The foundation of the tower is 52.6m in length, 38m in width and 7.7m in height with one gate.

The Drum Tower was built in the thirteen years of Ming Hong Wu (1380), 4 years early than the Bell Tower. The area of foundation of the Drum Tower is 738.55m larger than that of the Bell Tower, and it is also 34m higher than the Bell Tower. There was a big drum hanging on the tower in ancient time which was used for telling the time to citizens, hence the name of the tower.

The architectural form of the drum tower is Xieshan -like double eaves with three water dypasses. The foundation of the tower is 52.6m in length, 38m in width and 7.7m in height. The middle of south and north wall, there are two 6m high dorrways. The drummer building is rectangular with 2 floors. The foundation is built with black bricks. The two floors both have 10 rooms and are surrounding by corridors. The eaves are decorated with bracket system, which makes the level of the tower clearer.

Since 1950s, the drum tower has been renovated several times. In 1996, the government decided to remake the big drum in the tower. The new drum is 1.8 m high with 2.83 m in diameter. It is made of cow leather. The weight of the drum is 1.5 ton. The sound of the drum is loud and vigorous, which you can hear 5km away from here. It is the largest drum in China. Between the Drum Tower and the Bell Tower, there is a square with grass, flower and fountain, which is a good place for leisure and entertainment for citizens.

Special Notes:

When you finish visiting the Tower, you may round off your trip, by tasting a number of delicious snacks of Shaanxi in the Muslim Quarter adjacent to it.

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