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Xian Shopping

 Along with Beijing Xi'an is one of the two most famous historic ancient cities in China.So Xian shopping is an interesting thing as it is rich in cultural relics, antiques and artworks. Replicas of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, paper-cuts and folk paintings are the most popular buys in Xi'an. These items and many more are sold in antique shops at street markets around the city. The luxurious shopping areas are centered mainly along Dong Dajie (East Main Street), Nan Dajie (South Main Street) and Jiefang Lu (Liberation Road). Department stores usually open at about 9am and close at 10pm. So make a Xian tour, it won't fail you.

Xi'an shopping

Xi'an shopping

If you are having a Xian package tour,shopping in Xian is necessary,our Xian travel guide will give you some information on Xian shopping,thus adding color to your China holiday tour.

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