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Bird Island

Location:The Bird Island in Qinghai Lake ranks the top among the eight birds natural resorts.
Opening time:8:00-17:00 daily
Best time for visit: Every May and June, the best time of bird watching
Recommended time for a visit:2 hour
Open:8:00-17:00 daily

How to Get There

1)There are without publicbuses , so you just take taxi or rented private car.


Every May and June, the best time of bird watching, migratory birds fly from faraway mountains and deserts to breed here. It is quite a spectacle of thousands of birds flying over the sky, with their nests thickly dotted and colorful eggs interspersed all over the island. Besides, Haixi Shan, Shadao (Sand Island), Sankuaishi (Three Rocks), Erlang Sword Peninsula, and Qinghai Lake Fishery are scenic spots in Qinghai Lake that are worth visiting.
At that time, all coming into your eyesight is herds of birds in different colors and manners. Some are white, some yellow, and some other diversiform. Some are flying in the sky, some running on the land, others swimming in the water. Birds' eggs are seen everywhere on the land. You seem like coming into a realm of birds. The twitters of the birds sound like a melodious song, which makes sightseers intoxicated. When winter falls, those birds fly back to the south to stay away from the coldness successively. The summer scene in Qinghai Lake is repeatedly extraordinary year after year.

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