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Yangshuo Countryside Cycling

Location:Yangshuo countyside
Opening time:anytime
Best time for visit: all year long
Recommended time for a visit:2 hours

How to Get There

1)Take bus from Guilin city where the station is lolated in the front guilin train station.

Things to see and do on the biking trip

Things you need to knowAlong dirt roads, through little villages, you will visit a local farmer house, watch people work in rice paddy fields, negotiate water buffaloes and taste fresh fruits. If you wish to talk to local people, go ahead, feel their hospitality! It is not only for an exercise of biking, but also a taste of the local culture, sense of peace in mind. The most popular thing to do with biking is to take a bamboo rafting on Yulong River.

Traffic before biking into the countryside

You will experience the hustle and bustle of Yangshuo before you hit the country roads, in 10 minutes, you will leave behind hotels, restaurants and a gas station then onto a much quieter lane. The traffic out of town can be busy sometimes, stop and push the bike if you feel difficult to ride. Bells are usually not available on bikes, helmets could be arranged at an additional cost if you request it beforehand.

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