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Black Dragon Pool

The Black Dragon Pool is peaceful and beautiful, especially nice to walk about near the evening.

Admission: Free (but you have to show your receipt of the Old Town Preservation, which costs 80 yuan)

How to get there: Take a taxi at Lijiang Old Town or walk 15 minutes from the Square Street.


Black Dragon Pool

 It was built in 1737 during the Qing Dynasty and offers a spectacular view on the region's tallest mountain, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, over its white marble bridge. Surrounding the pool, within the park's landscape, are ancient monuments such as the Longshen Temple, the Moon-Embracing Pavilion, the Suocui Bridge and the Hanyue Stage.

With an area of 40 hectares (over 430,000 sqft), the Heilongtan pool provides a heaven for birds and water-life, with spectacular plants. The pool is surrounded by some ancient monuments, such as the Longshen Temple, the Deyue Pavilion, the Suocui Bridge, and the Hanyue Stage.

The arrival at the park is along a colored cobbled lane to reach a white marble bridge over emerald water: the Suocui Bridge. To your north, weather permitting, you might see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain with its white snow, the source of the Jade Spring and its famous white clouds. The Deyue Pavilion rests at the center of the lake, on the same axis as the Hanyue Stage. At the gate, there is a pair of couplets inscribed by the famous Chinese writer Guo Moruo.


Black Dragon Pool

This is where you get to see one of the classic views of ancient, and modern China: the magical peaks of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain reflected in the dark waters of the Black Dragon Pool.

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