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Enjoy the Naxi Ancient Music

Venue: East Street in Dayan Ancient Town, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province
Duration: 1 .5 hours (daily 20:00)
Summary: In the musical culture of the Naxi people in Lijiang, there is a world-famous Naxi Ancient Music. According to research, this ancient music originated in the 14th century AD; it is the oldest music in Yunnan Province, and it is one of China or the world's oldest music. Naxi Ancient Music is the crystallization of the art created by the Naxi people influenced by the Confucianism and Taoism as the representative of the Central Plains civilization.

Naxi Ancient Music has a strict succession from generation to generation, using gongchepu as as a medium to mouth and heart missionary. The apprentices recite the gongchepu and learn to play a musical instrument at the same time, and then gradually practice and learn while playing, until becoming by-song skilled. Due to this kind of strict succession, Naxi Ancient Music has been able to be saved till now.

Naxi Ancient Music has three characteristics: old music and ancient musical instruments played by old people who are mostly 70-80 years old. Hearing this old folk and ancient music, you can not only feel the ancient and civilized music, but also appreciate the extensive and profound culture of the Naxi Nationality. It's solemn and elegant, loved by Naxi people and favored by many countries of the world. The ancient musical instruments used are SuGuDu, QuXiang Pipa, chalumeau, Chinese bamboo flute, Chung-hu, Sanxian, gong, wooden fish, chime stone, etc...

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