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Zhangjiajie Overview

The region of Zhangjiajie in northwestern Hunan Province is like a natural labyrinth. Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie has been included in the World Heritage List and appraised as a national 5A scenic area. The master work of nature in Wulingyuan features thousands of sheer mountain peaks in red color, clear streams and primeval forests, which are ideal havitats of rare animals and birds. In the Jiutian Cave, known as the “champion of strange caves in the world” there are colorful stalactites and stone forests in various forms. Solitary Tianmen (Heavenly Gate) Peak, flanked by two deep gullies, rises high into the sky. The unsophisticated local life in fairy land – like Zhangjiajia attracts many tourists. The “chieftain’s castle of the Tujia ethnic people”, built of wood and stone, and an exhibition hall of local customs show to tourists a lifestyle free of worries. Zhangjiajie, with its excellent ecological environment, enjoys a climate of sub-tropical humid monsoon with four distinctive seasons. The city has established eight Nature Reserves of all types, among which two are national level and three provincial level. It also boasts 81 species of First or Second-class rare animals and plants under state protection such as giant salamander and Pigeon-like flower, and 23 preservation areas, covering a total area of 712 square kilometers. Zhangjiajie has abundant resources and various species, including woody plants of 110 families and 1409 kinds, and more than 190 kinds of vertebrates. Zhangjiajie has produced many local specialties such as Poon-gan, Xiangxi cattle, Maoyanmei Tea, Juhuaxin Pomelo. With primitive and simple folk customs and rich ethnic culture, Zhangjiajie possesses all kinds of intangible cultural heritage, including 15 categories and more than 70 items. The folk songs of Sangzi County are listed first as the national-level intangible cultural heritage; Zhangjiajie Yang Opera, Gaohua Light (kind of dance), Cili Banban Dragon Light are listed first as the provincial-level intangible heritage. Zhangjiajie Hard qigong has even performed in seven countries in Europe when our national leaders visited these countries. Area Code: 0731 Zip Code: 410000 Area: Zhangjiaie is located in the northwest of Hunan Province , about 400 km away from Changsha .Composed of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park ,the Tianzi Mountain and the Suoxi Valley ,the scimic area has a total area of 369 square km . Population: Zhangjiajie is a world famous tourist city located in the northwest of Hunan province of china, its total population is 1.62 million in accordance to the latest population statistics, nearly half of the them are minorities, including it’s over Tujia, the Bai and the Miao as well as some Hui, Man, Dong and the Yao. So the local custom is quite interesting and different from Han people. The Tujia people have a long history. It is a hard-working and brave ethnic group.

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