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Ancestral Hall of Mao Family


Ancestral Hall of Mao Family is the general ancestral hall of Mao Family in Shaoshan. It was first built in 1758, and the construction was finished in 1763. It is of the half-timbered structure. Grey bricks and tiles make the architecture full of classical feature. The construction area is 700 square meters. There are four Chinese characters referring to Ancestral Hall of Mao Family on the head of the gate. Two stone drums are set on both sides out of the gate.

Walk cross the hall, and you will find a theatrical stage, an atrium and "Dunben Hall" one after another. Dozens of actors can act at the same time on the stage. On both sides of the stage are dressing-rooms. Under the stage, there are three houses. A small hall is in the middle, kitchen on the left and dinning room on the right.

In the atrium, a clock is hung on the right porch, while a drum is hung on the left porch. It is the place where the whole clan handles official businesses, holds sacrifices and gives a feast. Walk further, then "Dunben Hall" will come into your eyes. "Dunben" means urging people to remember their root - agriculture.

Spirit tablets of the successive ancestors are put in the hall. The left side of the hall is a residence area, while the right side is used for keeping money, cereal and altar ware.

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