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Fenghuang Ancient Town


Ranking as the top ancient town in China, Fenghuang Ancient Town is a guidebook for people to know the past life in the pre-modernization period. The wooden houses and stone roads are the typical scenes here. When sightseeing in this town in a misty day, you will really find why it is so famous and popular all the time. The scenery after rain or in the misty morning is more like a Chinese traditional painting rather than a real world.

Fenghuang Ancient Town can be divided into two parts. One is the old town while the other one is new town. The old one leans against hills and faces the crystal-clear Tuojiang River flowing through the city.

Things to see in Fenghuang Ancient Town

The typical building in Fenghuang is called Diaojiaolou which is a unique wooden houses built along the river bank. When seeing from a distance, the houses look like hanging on the river. This design is to protect the house from the flooding situation in Tuojiang River in the old time.

The southern Great Wall, a part of the Ming Great Wall, is a unique scene here. In Ming Dynasty, the Southern Great Wall was built for preventing the invasion of Miao minority. While nowadays, Miao people have became a part of Chinese ethnic groups and get well with Han people. So Fenghuang Ancient Town is also a place to experience the Chinese ethnic culture.

200 cultural heritages here include Huangsiqiao Castle, Xiangxi Border Walls, Chaoyang Palace, Longevity Palace, Heavenly King Temple and many other.

Tens of narrow cobblestone streets running through the ancient town .

The ethnicity colors of Tujia and Miao people are also one of the major attractions.

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