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Former Residence of Chairman Mao


The Former Residence of Chairman Mao is located at Shangwu Ground, Tudi Chong, Shaoshan village, Shaoshan Township. On December 26, 1893, Chairman Mao was born in this house, a simple mud-brick farmhouse, which has 13 rooms,and this is where he spent his childhood and youth, attending school and helping his father with his work. The rooms are furnished as they would have looked when Chairman Mao lived there, and most of the utensils are the original ones.

To the house, it was not only the private one belonging to Mao's family only. It was a shared house with Mao and his neighbor. So we said that there is only one half of the central room belongs to Mao's family. Go through the kitchen was Chairman Mao's parent's bedroom, there are two photos of Chairman Mao's parents on the inner wall, and it was in this room where Chairman Mao was born.

Historic Experience

In 1929, the Former Residence was confiscated and damaged by Kuomintang. In 1950, according to the original it was repaired. In those years, a part of the original things and photos were displayed in the room where Mao was born in, the study room and his parents' bedroom. In 1964, the new Former Residence Exhibition Hall was build. It presented the historic photos and data during the time that Mao Zedong undertook the revolution.

Mao's Foremer Residence in Today

The former residence of Chairman Mao is the most interesting site. Entered through a courtyard, the house is of a sunny yellow, mud brick walls, with a nicely thatched roof, and is found on a wooded hillside, above some lush paddy fields. There are 13 and one half rooms in the Former residence, which include one and half central room, a kitchen, a dining room, three family bedrooms and a guest room. Within the rooms are various personal effects of Mao and his parents, as well as photos from Mao's life.

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