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Water Dripping Cave

Location:In the south corner of Shaoshanchong, Shaoshan City in Xiangtan City
Tickets:RMB 52 Yuan/adult

How to Get There

1)There are big buses or minibuses directly to Shaoshan from Changsha railway station and all other bus stations in Changsha and Xiangtan.


Water-dripping Cave is located in the glen that is about 4 Km away from Mao Zedong Bronze Statue. In June, 1959, Mao Zedong came back hometown that he left for 32 years. He swam in Shaoshan reservoir and said to Hunan secretary of provincial Party committee Zhou Xiaozhou: "Xiao Zhou, built several cottages in the valley, "when I was old, I can live here." So the villa was built in the Water-dripping Cave.

The villa was built in 1960. The building type is as the same as the house in Zhongnanhai. In June, 1966, Mao Zedong inspected in Shaoshan and lived in "No.1 house" for 11 days. He wrote a letter in Wuhan called here "a west cave". In 1970, the company of heroes built an air-raid shelter 100 meters long behind the villa.

Water-dripping Cave is famous for its magic natural scenic. The "west cave" has received 15000 thousand visitors at home and aboard.

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